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Xiaomi outs a MIJIA Smart refrigerator 540L variant in China!

Xiaomi recently released a 540L variant of its popular Smart MIJIA refrigerator in China that is priced at CNY 3,699.
Xiaomi outs a MIJIA Smart refrigerator 540L variant in China!
Xiaomi outs 540L variant of its popular MIJIA Smart refrigerator

Large storage with an interactive display and smart features

MIJIA Smart refrigerator with 540 liters

With a new large storage capacity, this MIJIA refrigerator sports built-in, double-row, straight opening drawers. As a result, it can shelve a variety of grocery items like meat, fruits, and vegetables separately. Thus, it prevents any leakage or spread of the different odors.

Aside from this, the appliance features 8 built-in door shelves, that you can adjust based on your needs. The total volume of the refrigerator is 540 liters since the main compartments can store up to 351 liters. Meanwhile, the freezer area can contain up to 189 liters.

Because this is a smart product, it can be connected with the MIJIA smart home app and can be controlled remotely. For design, this one has a minimalistic design in gray color. Its left door is equipped with a tiny interactive display.

Xiaomi claims that this refrigerator is an energy-efficient home appliance that offers top-notch yet silent cooling.

The new MIJIA refrigerator is launched as one of the largest offerings within the company’s refrigerator lineup. This placed on top of the previously unveiled 160 liters, 170 liters, and 450 liters MIJIA Smart off-door refrigerator models. 

China price with direct to PHP conversion (no taxes and duties yet):

Xiaomi Smart MIJIA Refrigerator (540L) - CNY 3,699 (around PHP 27K)

The refrigerator is going to be available for a discounted price of 2,999 Yuan as an initial promo. Pre-order starts on December 1, 2020, at 12AM  in China.

Source: GizmoChina

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