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Huawei launches virus-fighting Smart Life Air Purifier 1Pro

In China, Huawei announced a new product to combat diseases-causing viruses called the Huawei Smart Life Air Purifier 1Pro.
Huawei launches virus-fighting Smart Life Air Purifier 1Pro
Smart Life Air Purifier 1Pro

Meet Huawei's virus-fighting Smart Life Air Purifier 1Pro

The Huawei Smart Life Air Purifier 1Pro is a smart home product featuring a rectangular base with curved edges, 5-inch IPS HD color screen, quad-core chip, and virus-fighting capabilities.

It boasts a virus aerosol removal rate and a deep ultraviolet UVC + lysozyme antibacterial rate of up to 99.99 percent. Huawei claimed that it has an intelligent autonomous switching, virus removing aeurosols, H13-grade filter materials, activated carbon adsorption, lysozyme, and deep ultraviolet UVC kills bacteria, and supports the active condensation of negative ions.

This also has support for 800mh particulate CADR and 400m3/h formaldehyde CADR making it a suitable companion to eliminate impurities, allergens, and chemicals like formaldehyde.

It has a 31dB sound level ensuring that it won't disturb you while sleeping.

China price with direct to PHP conversion (no taxes and duties yet):

CNY 2,199 (around PHP 16.2K)

The device is now available at the Huawei Mall in China.

There's no info if it'll reach other parts of the world.

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