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Several Major social media platforms ban Trump's accounts

Major social media platforms have moved to ban US President Donald Trump following the Capital riot. 
Several Major social media platforms ban Trump's accounts
US President Donald Trump

Social media platforms remove Trump's accounts

As reported earlier, Twitter was the first to permanently suspend the @realDonaldTrump account, believed to spur the riots at the US Capitol. 

Social media giants Facebook and Instagram also "indefinitely banned" Trump from their platforms. Facebook is looking to ban Trump until Joe Biden takes the presidency position on January 20.

American multimedia messaging app Snapchat and China's TikTok also followed suit. While the US President has no TikTok account, the firm banned all videos of Trump claiming election fraud and calling rioters as "very special". 

Although Trump still has Parler, which considers itself as a "free speech" alternative to Facebook and Twitter, Apple and Google removed the former from their stores for failing to monitor its users' posts. 

Parler is popular among Trump supporters. 

Parlers' chief executive John Matze claimed tech titans' recent move was aimed at killing competition. 

Big tech really wants to kill competition. And I have a lot of work to do in the next 24 hours to make sure everyone’s data is not permanently deleted off the internet, Matze said. 

Source: Unilad
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