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Black Shark 4 design spotted on TENAA, the gaming beast of 2021?

China's TENAA listing just revealed the design of the upcoming Black Shark gaming phones.
Black Shark 4 design spotted on TENAA, the gaming beast of 2021?
Black Shark 4

Black Shark 4 design spotted on TENAA

First of all, there will be 2 upcoming variants for Black Shark 4 devices. They are spotted in the Google Play Console database with model numbers KSR-A0 and PSR-A0. Recently the PSR-A0 passed the certification from TENAA which has revealed the photo of the new Black Shark 4.

Based on the photos seen, This new design hints that the phone is aimed for affordable gaming as it looks much simpler and not flashy. We can recall that the previous designs for Black Shark models indicate strong impressions for gaming. Now this phone has a monochromatic and flat rear panel, with a triple camera set up from the back and an LED flash.

In its right side part, there are 2 shoulder buttons dedicated to gaming. A volume rocker can be seen for its left side. The PSR-A0 has a flat display with a waterdrop notch. There is also a fingerprint scanner found on the side, which suggests that the phone is intended for an inexpensive gaming segment. We recall too that the BS2 and BS3 had OLED screens and in-display fingerprint sensor. Possibly, the gaming phone could have an LCD screen.

Black Shark 4 is confirmed by Google Play Console that it will be powered by Snapdragon 865 with 12GB RAM. It will be android 11 ready and have Full HD+ resolution.

What we look forward to since it carries the Black Shark brand we can hope that the phone will have Shark Space too, where you can customize touch controls and don't have to worry about controller support. Which separates the Black Shark from competitors.

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