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Converge ICT is on track to reach 15 million PH households by 2025

Internet service provider Converge ICT Solutions, Inc. said its fiber network had "more than doubled" in 2020, making it on course to hit its target of reaching over 15 million Philippine households by 2025.
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Converge ICT further expands network in 2020

Its network expanded by 107 percent last year after adding more than 28,300 kilometers of fiber optic cables.

As of end-2020, the company said it already passed 6.1 million homes or about 25 percent of total households in the Philippines.

We are well on track to meeting our goal of reaching over 15 million or 55 percent of Philippine households by 2025 and ready to serve the high-speed broadband requirements of the majority of our people, Converge ICT Chief Executive Officer Dennis Anthony H. Uy was quoted as saying in a statement.

Uy also said they have been accelerating the expansion of Converge's network to also cover the underserved and unserved areas in the country.

Equipping the communities with fiber-fast internet service can help them to embrace the new normal when the government implements distance learning and businesses embrace the work-from-home-scheme.

The community quarantine regulations due to the COVID-19 pandemic that made people rely more on their internet service for work and study at home have only made our mission to deliver fiber-fast broadband to a greater number of Filipinos more urgent, Uy added.

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