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POCO reveals new logo, mascot, and tagline

POCO today revealed its new brand logo, mascot, and tagline in India.
POCO reveals new logo, mascot, and tagline
POCO's new logo

POCO's new branding in India

Currently, this brand change is only applicable to the said region for now.

The new logo sports cartoonish text in bright colors of yellow and different shades of green. The letter "o" shows an alien-looking emoji.
Mascot explanation
Mascot explanation

POCO shared that the "Halo" on the head signifies that the brand has a sense of "goodness" despite its new mad identity. Mad with a cause.

The antennas mean that it has a naughty side. The eyes bring a unique kind of incongruity. The triangular mouth signifies the brand's sharp wit.

The new tagline of POCO is "Made of Mad".  It is a representation of every individual who is looking for greater alternatives to the mainstream.

To recap, POCO is previously a Xiaomi-related brand in 2018 which makes bang-for-the-buck "flagship killer" smartphones.

Fast forward today, the brand is said to be "no longer related" to Xiaomi and it had a good year last year. 

This is probably POCO's way of saying that it is now a fully independent brand despite sharing manufacturing and other technologies with former mother brand Xiaomi.

Source: POCO, Via: Android Authority

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