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PUBG: NEW STATE officially announced, optimized for mobile!

PUBG: NEW STATE was officially announced as the direct follow-up for the popular battle royale game PUBG. The game is said to be optimized for mobile!
PUBG: NEW STATE officially announced, optimized for mobile
PUBG: NEW STATE now in pre-register stage

Pre-register for PUBG: NEW STATE

New look, new map, new mechanics
New look, new map, new mechanics

NEW STATE retains the same gun and combat mechanics as the original so veterans and newbies-alike will feel comfortable jumping in. But, KRAFTON Inc. made the game push the graphical capabilities of modern mobile phones with its new Global Illumination technology. Global Illumination in games makes the lighting and shadows more realistic. This may add new gameplay and strategy since you may use the new information (such as directional shadow and lighting) to pinpoint where other players are.

In terms of setting, the game takes place in the year 2051, around 30 years from now. It will be set in a new map called TROI that has been developed to depict the conditions the world is in over the years. Each zones in the map has a unique biome and some new interactions that can be utilized to strategize.

PUBG: NEW STATE also comes with new features such as in-game weapon customization, These customizations are not merely aesthetic but improves performance and gun mechanics as well. In addition, there are now new game mechanics such as drones, combat rolls, and even ballistic shields.
You can pre-register now
You can pre-register now

You can now pre-register for PUBG: NEW STATE here. An alpha testing phase is set to come later in 2021.

What do you guys think?

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