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Details of Sony IMX789 custom sensor for OnePlus 9 series revealed!

In a promo video, details of the Sony IMX789 sensor have been revealed.
Details of Sony IMX789 custom sensor for OnePlus 9 series revealed!
Sony IMX789

The camera sensor of the OnePlus 9 series

Sony IMX789 is the custom sensor that OnePlus will use for its upcoming OnePlus 9 series.

The promo video showed that it'll come with dual native ISO, all-pixel omnidirectional focus technology, and real-time HDR video capture. Also, this sensor was designed to provide a 4K 120fps video capture experience.

The video didn't show its exact sensor size, but it said that it has a larger sensor area that allows for greater light intake and better image quality either for photos or videos.

It also has a 
DOL- HDR technology to bring "more pure image quality performance" as well as "more natural and detail-rich" backlighting scenes.

This also highlights "Free-form lens" tech for ultra-wide angle images with lesser distortion.

On the description of the video, it said that compared to aspheric lenses with a distortion rate of 10%-20%, they have reduced it to a near-negligible 1% with our "free-form" technology, virtually eliminating the distortion of ultra-wide-angle.

Earlier, OnePlus noted that this custom sensor will have 12-bit RAW support that can bring up to 64x more colors than previous cameras and more room for editing that professional photographers can take advantage of.

Of course, this sensor will come with Hasselblad branding, software, and optimizations.

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