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Xiaomi's Mi MIX series is making a comeback on March 29, will boast a human eye-like "liquid lens" tech?

Almost 2 years after the launch of the last Mi MIX device, Xiaomi earlier confirmed that the said smartphone line is making a comeback on March 29.
Xiaomi's Mi MIX series is making a comeback on March 29, will boasts a "liquid lens"
Mi MIX with "liquid lens" technology?


The teaser poster showed the "MIX COMING BACK" texts along with the photo of an astronaut-looking person in a snowy location. Below, along with the launch date texts, Xiaomi said that "We Have Something New To Show To You" suggesting that it'll have some sort of new technology.
The teaser poster
The teaser poster

To recall, the Mi MIX phones always show something new. The original MIX is the first with an almost all-screen display and the Mi MIX Alpha in 2019 is the first with a wraparound screen.

So now, there are speculations that this could be some sort of high-end device with a foldable display.

There are also teasers showing that it will introduce an in-house developed Liquid Lens technology. This camera tech is supposed to imitate how the human eye works and how it focuses instantly on the object at different distances.

Xiaomi calls this the "Bionic photography" technology. It's a transparent fluid wrapped by an ultra-thin layer that can change the curvature of the lens to achieve rapid refocusing and minimize distortion.

On the official Weibo page, Xiaomi said that this fluid has high light transmittance, ultra-low dispersion, and is extremely resistant to environmental factors.

We are still unsure how Xiaomi will make this work. So, let's wait and see in the coming days.

This phone will launch alongside Mi 11 Pro and Mi 11 Ultra.

Source: Xiaomi

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