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Xiaomi unveils a new more "rounded" logo, designed by Kenya Hara

During the ongoing #XiaomiMegaLaunch, the Chinese tech giant announced that it will be changing its iconic logo.
New and old Xiaomi logo

Meet Xiaomi's new logo!

Xiaomi's new logo now has a new more "rounded" look designed by world-famous designer Kenya Hara.
Perfect balance between square and circle
Perfect balance between square and circle

At first look, it just looks like the regular Xiaomi logo that uses a more rounded square. But, Kenya Hara said that it is more than just that. It represents the innovative technology of the company and it simply looks more dynamic to fit better to its products and marketing materials.

They also claimed that it is the "perfect balance" between circle and square calculated mathematically.
New logotype of Xiaomi
New logotype of Xiaomi

There's a new logotype  that spells Xiaomi as well

It retained the orange corporate color of the company, but it added black and silver as supplementary colors.

Hara believes that this will improve the overall brand identity of Xiaomi and will blend very well with its product line.

The design concept that they used is "Alive" to show that the company is full of life. This also shows that Xiaomi is a global company that comes from China which lets everyone enjoy a better life due to innovative technology.
New Mi Ecobag
New Mi Ecobag

The first product with the new logo is the Mi Ecobag designed by master Hara.

Xiaomi said that it will soon use this new logo in its stores, marketing materials, research facilities, and more.

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