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Huawei to launch new audio and wearable devices in PH on April 18!

Tech giant Huawei today confirmed that the company will launch new audio and wearable devices in the Philippines soon.
Huawei to launch new audio and wearable devices in PH on April 18!
Huawei teases new audio and wearable devices

New Huawei wearables soon!

According to the company, these devices are equipped with innovations to inspire its users to live life to the fullest.

For the audio device, the company teased that it'll solve the problem of excessive background noise, short battery life, and poor earphone mic suggesting that the device will excel in those aspects.
Audio device teaser
Audio device teaser

For the wearable, Huawei teased that it'll also come with a long battery life that can support our daily tasks and lacks a health management tracking feature. It'll also have a Full-Vision Display that allows you to monitor and manage your Health with 24/7 monitoring and several workout modes to act as a personal trainer on your wrist. It also has support for the Huawei Health App to monitor your health and fitness and it is also compatible with non-Huawei smartphones.

There will be a new audio device that promises a seamless audio experience, long battery life, and quick charging.

Huawei hasn't shared the exact models of the devices yet. Our guess, it could be the FreeBuds 4i and Band 6.

Stay tuned on April 18!
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