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We test Smart's UNLI 5G DATA promo and its "No Cap" promise seems legit!

A day after Smart Communications broke the news about its UNLI 5G DATA promo, team GIZGUIDE tried to check its performance, and we are impressed!
We test Smart's UNLI 5G DATA promo and its "No Cap" promise seems legit!
We consumed more than 10GB data in 25 minutes

Smart's UNLI 5G DATA promo

Subscribers of Smart Communications who have a 5G-ready device and SIM are in for a treat as the UNLI 5G DATA promo did not disappoint us when we tried to use it for heavy online activities that required a lot of bandwidth.

Dubbed as the first UNLI 5G data promo in the Philippines, Smart yesterday launched this promo in Metro Manila, Bacoor, Imus, Angeles, San Fernando Pampanga, Baguio City, Cebu City, and Davao City.

The promo starts at PHP 299 with 7 days of unli 5G data up to PHP 799 for 30 days of 5G unli data. The promo will also come with extra data for areas with no 5G connectivity yet.

To test its performance, we did a 25-minute two-part live stream on Facebook. We downloaded multiple heavy games, including PUBG MOBILE, Genshin Impact, LifeAster, and Ragnarok M, encountering no problem at all. We also watched a video in 4K on YouTube.

In 25 minutes, we consumed more than 10GB of data, and yet we did not experience any lagging with the 5G network of Smart.

When we checked its speed, download speed reached as fast as 539 megabits per second (Mbps), while upload speeds hit 69.8 Mbps.
The new promo of Smart for 5G users
The new promo of Smart for 5G users

To try it out, you may access the promo using Smart's GigaLife app.

Just note that you will need a 5G-capable device in a 5G-ready area, and a 5G compatible SIM to make the UNLI 5G DATA promo work.

If there's no 5G in your area, it'll consume the extra data (not unlimited) for non-5G areas. 

Its parent company PLDT has been investing heavily in the network buildup. Just this month, Smart claimed it now has 2,340 5G sites nationwide.

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