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Tier One Entertainment announces reality show The Gaming House

In a reality series rut? If you enjoy reality shows like Big Brother and Terrace House, prepare to be hooked on Tier One Entertainment’s The Gaming House.
Tier One is looking to find the next big star with The Gaming House

The Gaming House is a reality show with a gaming twist

The Gaming House is set to welcome ten up-and-coming gaming influencers. But they just won’t be living under one roof to play video games. At the end of the show, one will have the chance to stand among Tier One’s many talents.

According to Tier One Entertainment CEO and co-founder Tryke Gutierrez, the reality show seeks to discover a talent who will represent the Tier One brand.

To recap, Tier One Entertainment, which was established in 2017, manages many names in the gaming scene and outside including Wrecker, Christine Samson, and Dexie Diaz. It also supports many streamers, vloggers, Instagram influencers, and many more you’ve probably seen or heard about.

Mechanics and other details about The Gaming House will soon be announced through Tier One social media channels.

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