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Triple A Battlefield franchise is projected to arrive in mobile devices by 2022

DICE, a subsidiary of EA has announced its plan for the expansion of its Battlefield franchise on mobile by the year 2022.
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Battlefield Mobile arriving in 2022

More PC and Console titles are joining the mobile gaming platform craze, with the arrival of PUBG, Fortnite, COD, LoL: Wild Rift, and many more finding success in the market. Looks like another game maker wants to take their roads to the largest gaming community today. 

This time the Battlefield franchise maker DICE is making a new standalone version of its flagship game, said Oscar Grabielson the General Manager of DICE. The game will offer a completely different experience from its predecessors. He noted that the game is being developed in partnership with Industrial Toys and is working closely with the DICE team.

It is built from the ground up and players can expect that this new Battlefield experience on mobile will be a complete skill-based shooter game.
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It's not the first time we heard EA made a move from its major games though, recently the Apex Legends battle royale also is coming soon to mobile, so Battlefield will be their second major game announced as of the moment. 

Aside from being the biggest gaming market, mobile devices today have grown and become capable of handling heavy games. They may not be as visually beautiful as the ones in PCs and Consoles but no one can deny that mobile hardware has come a long way. With that, it's no surprise that Battlefield will come to phones and tablets.

The new standalone game is currently entering a testing period ahead of its launch next year. So expect more information to come.

Who's excited?

Source: EA
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