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realme officially introduces its new sub-brand for tech lifestyle, DIZO

Consumer tech brand realme launched DIZO as its new tech lifestyle brand that will focus on non-smartphone devices in general.
Realme officially introduces its new sub-brand for tech lifestyle, DIZO
First brand under realme TechLife ecosystem

To cover AIoT products under four categories

After teasing the reveal of the sub-brand with the letter D, realme finally unveiled DIZO globally. Pronounced as "dee-zoe", this new brand from realme will cover all the AIoT products that the company will be releasing in the future. Vice president, Realme and CEO of Realme India and Europe Madhav Sheth commented on the launch of DIZO,

This is a momentous occasion as DIZO goes live with its mission to offer innovative and diversified AIoT solutions to its consumers. The newest brand will enable users to experience a smart, efficient, and interconnected life. Being the first brand in the realme TechLife ecosystem, I am very excited to tell you that DIZO already has great products in the pipeline to offer to the people.

With the tagline "Be Different", DIZO seems to have an objective to offer technology that complements the individuality of a consumer. It apparently wants to empower them and becomes an extension of their respective personalities.

Moreover, realme showcases how DIZO will coexist in the current portfolio of the company. The company told a source that it's already devising to release smart devices like an electric juicer.  

The brand has already a growing portfolio of interconnected smart devices, along with lifestyle products such as an electric toothbrush and weighing scale. By creating a sub-brand, realme can give a separate identity to the products and maintain its core positioning on the phones.

According to DIZO's official website, realme will support this sub-brand with its own supply chain, AIoT experience, and industrial design. DIZO will also benefit from realme's extensive after-sales support in India which covers over 310 cities in India with more than 320 service centers. 

There are expectations that it will have a global presence across Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America. However, there's no information yet on what's the first device going to be released under DIZO. Stay tuned for updates.

Sources: DIZO, India Today

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