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Twitter confirms a paid subscription service with extra features called "Blue"

Twitter Blue is a paid subscription service that offers new features like color themes and alternative icons for users in the iOS app.
Twitter confirms a paid subscription service with extra features called "Blue"
Twitter to release Blue as an in-app purchase

Access to color themes, icons, read mode, and more

App researcher Jane Manchun Wong posted that Twitter is coming up with a new service known as Twitter Blue. Allegedly, users can subscribe to this, so they enjoy new features like options for color themes and icons.

The company’s official app page in the iOS App Store confirms Wong's post by indicating that the app has an in-app purchase "Twitter Blue". The said subscription is priced at USD 2.99 per month in the United States. The app researcher said the service could have a tiered pricing model, with users who pay more getting more features.
Compilation of Jane Manchung Wong's screenshots
Compilation of Jane Manchung Wong's screenshots

Despite the fact that Twitter Blue is still unavailable to the general public, Wong was able to upload some screenshots of its features. It appears that paid subscribers can alter the accent color of the Twitter app, which is blue by default. The options included are yellow, red, purple, orange, and green.

Aside from changing the color theme, Twitter Blue features extra icons for its iOS app. This functionality is said to be based on a feature from iOS 10.3. It seems that there are icons in various colors like pink, purple, green, orange, black, traditional blue, and one stamped with blue and purple stripes.

Reportedly, Twitter Blue will also enable subscribers to organize their favorite tweets into different collections, quickly undo sent tweets. The service will give them access to a Read Mode that turns long threads into "easy-to-read text".

Apart from the confirmation, Twitter has already announced Super Follow. This basically will allow users to pay to access tweets, fleets, and other exclusive content from creators. Super Follow is a bit similar to the recently-launched Tip Jar feature. The latter can be used to support content creators directly through their profiles or Live Spaces.

The platform is not disclosing yet when is the official release of  Twitter Blue. We'll have to wait for announcements.

Sources: Jane Manchun Wong, Via: 9to5Mac
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