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CHERRY caRES highlights equal rights in the workplace this Pride Month

CHERRY is a trailblazer in the Philippines. It pushed forward the democratization of advanced mobile phones with a customer-friendly price tag. And now, with a future-facing approach, CHERRY rallies inclusivity and diversity in the workplace.
CHERRY supports equality in the workplace

CHERRY supports diversity and inclusivity in the workplace

CHERRY believes in the potential of its employees no matter what they identify as. The company provides equal opportunities in which each individual can grow and excel as testified by their employees.

Employees have shared that they feel safe to show who they are, their contributions are well-acknowledged, they are continuously motivated, their opinions and ideas are supported among many other positive points/

Cindy Salazar, head of HR and Admin of Cosmic Technologies Inc stressed that when they look for applications, competencies, and skills matter most.

CHERRY caRES—customers, natural resources, employees, and society—is a CSR principle that CHERRY follows. Under this, the company strives to provide its employees a safe working environment that equally values skills wherever they come from.

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