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Google rolls out Earthquake Alerts System for Android users in the Philippines!

As part of launching new six features, Google is releasing Android Earthquake Alerts System in our country.
Google rolls out Earthquake Alerts System for Android users in the Philippines!
Types of notifications from Google's Earthquake Alerts System

Vital role in disaster preparedness and risk reduction

The Android Earthquake Alerts System was first launched in New Zealand and Greece. It is available now in more countries including Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, the Philippines, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.

This feature specifically aims to detect earthquakes globally then warn people about them. In order to spot or monitor seismic activities, the system makes use of accelerometers in working Android devices. 

After detection, it will alert users through Search or directly on the Android phone itself. These two types of warning are depending on the magnitude and intensity of the earthquake.

 On mobile devices, the Android Earthquake Alerts System displays two types of alerts, depending on the magnitude and intensity of the earthquake. 

Basically, the system displays near-instant information to Google Search. By typing keywords such as "earthquake" or "earthquake near me", the search engine will produce relevant results plus practical guides on what to do after the calamity strikes.

Meanwhile, the new feature gives an early warning alert when accelerometers detect an earthquake in an area. The system will send a signal to Google’s earthquake detection server, plus the estimated location of the seismic activity. 

After that, the server will receive this information from numerous phones to perform analysis if an earthquake is really occurring. It will also include the location and its corresponding magnitude. 

The server then takes this information from many phones to analyze if an earthquake is happening, where it is, and its corresponding magnitude. When earthquakes with a magnitude of 4.5 or an intensity level of 3 or 4 on the MMI scale take place, people will receive 'Be Aware' alerts. 

This kind of notification is sent along with the distance of the earthquake's epicenter. The alert uses the phone’s current volume, vibration, and Do Not Disturb settings. 

On the other hand, Take Action is a full-screen alert for earthquakes with a magnitude higher than 4.5, or an intensity level of 5 and above on the MMI scale. It will flash full-screen instructions on the device and plays a loud sound to assist people in preparation for a possible heavy shaking.

If you want to check if the earthquake alerts are activated in your device, just go to settings. After that, tap "Location" then go to "Advanced" then find Earthquake Alerts. You can also choose to turn it off in device settings if you do not want to receive these alerts.

Visit this blog to know more about this new feature from Google.

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