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realme CEO for India and Europe Madhav Sheth teases the company's first laptop

Early in May, fast-rising competitive mobile maker realme conducted a survey regarding the "Laptop Preferences" of its users. This indicates that the company will work on a realme-branded laptop as they are getting "tons of requests" for it.
The teaser!

realme laptop teaser

Today, realme CEO for India and Europe Madhav Sheth shared on his official Twitter account a photo of a device that undoubtedly resembles a laptop. The device he showed is inside a brown envelope showing that it is a slim machine.

Sheth also asked his fans to decode a binary message for the name of the product as well. A quick Google search for a "Binary translator" noted the code means "Hello World". 

Other than that, there no other clues about the laptop yet.

Back in May, the price range realme noted in their questionnaire is from INR 30,000 (around PHP 19.6K before taxes) to INR 50,000 (around PHP 32K before taxes)which could be the price point of this device.

If true, it will be a budget laptop. Hopefully, it'll come with competitive specs for the price like a lot of other realme devices.

Are you guys excited?

Source: Madhav Sheth

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