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SKY Fiber announces FREE 6-month access to AirConsole Hero for subscribers

SKY Fiber subscribers has some good news to hear!
SKY Fiber announces FREE 6-month access to AirConsole Hero for subscribers

AirConsole Hero: First of its kind in the Philippines

The new FREE premium subscription lets SKY Fiber subscribers enjoy gaming as an additional entertainment choice for their family.

AirConsole will excite casual gamers as it offers multiplayer games and serves as an online cross-platform video game console that transforms mobile phones as gamepads and computer web browsers, Android TVs, or SKY Evo as the main screen.

SKY has decided to join AirConsole on its mission to bring happiness into every household. SKY, being an innovative company in the Philippine market and relentlessly searching ways to improve their offerings in terms of entertainment, it made a lot of sense to us to work together to provide these games to all its subscribers, said Anthony Cliquot, Chief Operating Officer & Strategic Partnership Development of Airconsole.

What's unique about AirConsole to other online multiplayer gaming platforms is that any person aged 6 to 90 years old can play a game on AirConsole without asking how it works, according to Cliquot.

Aside from recently upgrading our speeds at affordable prices, we want to continuously level up our subscribers’ digital lifestyle by partnering with AirConsole Hero. In this way, SKY Fiber subscribers can gather their family and friends, choose from over 160 online games, and play at fiber-fast speeds. This will help them in creating stronger bonds at home during the new normal, Alan Supnet, SKY’s head for Consumer Broadband Products said.

If users wish to unlock premium features of the platform, such as access to all games, unlimited players, no ad breaks, and unique in-game content, they just simply have to subscribe to AirConsole Hero, which is priced at PHP 249 a month but is FREE for all SKY Fiber subscribers for 6 months which started last May 18, 2021.

To know more about SKY Fiber’s freemium promo mechanics, visit this link.

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