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Sony's WF-1000XM4 Hi-Res TWS buds with 8-hour ANC announced, to arrive in PH soon!

The wait is over. Sony earlier revealed the follow-up to the well-received WF-1000MX3 in 2019—WF-1000XM4.
Sony's WF-1000XM4 Hi-Res TWS buds with 8-hour ANC announced, to arrive in PH soon!
WF-1000XM4 in Black

XM3 upgrade with a smaller body, better sound, enhanced ANC, and longer battery life

The case and buds
The case and buds

Coming from the 
XM3, the XM4 is smaller (10 percent) and lighter. Sony highlights that this has a more comfortable fit than the XM3. The charging case is smaller by 40 percent as well.

Also, its body has an IPX4 of water resistance rating that works well against splashes and sweat.

The TWS buds use a newly designed 6mm driver with a 20 percent increase in magnet volume as well as an increase in compliance diaphragm. Together, it improves the low frequencies of the audio spectrum. Surprisingly, Sony said that this tech also enhances the noise-canceling capabilities of the headphones by generating a high-precision cancellation signal to the low-frequency range.

Sony also has a newly developed Noise Isolation Earbud Tips. It is made out of a polyurethane foam material that is soft and elastic to maximize the surface contact area between the earbud tip and the ear canal. The Japanese giant claimed that this eliminates gaps to insulate sound and reduces noise and provides a better fit.
A new processor
A new processor

To make its noise cancellation tech even stronger, Sony used the newly designed Integrated Processor V1 on the WF-1000XM4. The company said that this has improved noise-canceling performance and Bluetooth System on Chip technology which promises to deliver the highest level of noise-canceling in the industry while using less power than its predecessor.

It also has dual noise sensor microphones (1x feed-forward and 1x feed-back) that hear ambient noise to be analyzed for more accurate noise cancellation.

The WF-1000XM4 also has 
Automatic Wind Noise Reduction mode that detects when it is windy and automatically suppresses it.

One major upgrade coming from the XM3 is the inclusion of LDAC, Sony's industry-adopted audio coding technology that supports Hi-Resolution wireless audio. It boasts a maximum transfer rate of 990 kbps which is way higher than the max 256 kbps of Apple's AAC.

With the help of the new 
Integrated Processor V1, this has an enhanced sound quality with less distortion that enables LDAC codec processing and DSEE Extreme. Edge-AI DSEE Extreme upscale compressed digital music files in real-time.

XM4 also has the Speak-to-Chat allowing users have short conversations without taking out the earbuds. It automatically pauses the music and lets ambient sound so you can conduct a conversation. This tech is based on Precise Voice Pickup Technology, which combines four microphones and sensors with advanced audio signal processing.

It also has the Quick Attention mode to allow users to listen to an announcement or say something briefly by just placing their finger on the earbud to decrease the volume instantly and let ambient noise in.

The buds also have the 
Adaptive Sound Control that senses where you are and what you are doing and adjusts the ambient sound for an ideal listening experience. Sony said that it learns and recognizes places you frequently visit like office, gym, or your favorite cafe and more and adust the sound that suits the situation.

the headphones also have instant pause and play when you take out the earbuds using the proximity sensor. When you put the buds back on your ear, music will start playing again.

Sony also highlights that it has an improved hands-free calling using the 
Precise Voice Pickup Technology the microphones and a bone-conduction sensor. This has beamforming microphones that are calibrated to only pick up sounds from your mouth, an improved signal-to-noise ratio, and a new bone-conduction sensor only picks up vibrations from your voice that doesn't register ambient sound for clearer speech when making calls even in noisy situations.

Using the Headphones Connect App, the users of these earphones can find the right fit for their ears.

Sony also highlighted that it has improved Bluetooth connectivity with low latency. It is said to be more stable and less prone to sound skipping. There is also a Fast Pair feature for effortless Bluetooth pairing for Android and Microsoft Swift Pair for Windows 10 devices.

This device also has put o 8 hours of battery life with ANC and 16 hours with the case. It has 2 more hours of battery life with ANC than the 6 hours of XM3.

For charging, a 5-minute quick charge provides up to 60 minutes of music playtime. The Headphones Connect app will also notify the user when the charging case drops below 30 percent. XM4 also has support for Qi wireless charging.

Of course, it has support for voice assistants like Google Assistant and Alexa.

As usual, it has touch controls to easily activate ANC, Ambient Sound, Quick Attention mode, and music playback.

XM4 also uses plastic-free packaging. Inside the box, it has 3 sizes of Noise Isolation Earbud Tips and a USB-C charging cable.

UK price with direct to PHP conversion (no taxes and duties yet):

Sony WF-1000XM4 - GBP 250 (around PHP 16.8K)

Sony Philippines said that the XM4 in Black or Silver colorway will be available in the country soon.

There's no official SRP yet. In the UK, it retails for GBP 250 or around PHP 16.8K before taxes and duties.

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