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Apple is legally demanding Chinese leaker to disclose his sources!

Apple allegedly sent a legal notice to a Chinese leaker demanding to reveal the source of leaked prototypes.
Apple is legally demanding Chinese leaker to disclose his sources!
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A strong warning against leaking trade secrets of Apple?

Like any other big mobile brand, Apple has been the subject of leaks that sometimes involved vital trade secrets. Because of this, the Cupertino giant is allegedly performing an in-house investigation. Reportedly, there were strong pieces of evidence against some of the identified leak sources.

A month ago, a well-known leaker named Kang said that he received a strongly-worded warning letter from a legal firm on behalf of Apple. This is related to the leaked information traced to him concerning Apple products that were not yet launched in public.

The lawyers representing Apple cautioned this leaker that leaking information about unreleased Apple products can seriously affect the company. Allegedly, it gives its competitors an unfair advantage by accessing company trade secrets. Aside from that, the letter explained that customers are misled through such leaks, as what may be disclosed is unlikely to be accurate.

Apparently, Apple is getting more assertive in this matter since another legal cease and desist notice was sent to a leaker in China. A letter was posted on Weibo showing that it came from the company's legal representative in the said country. The legal representative Fangda Partners is warning the tipster to desist from publishing and disseminating information about Apple iPhone prototypes.

Moreover, Apple gave the alleged leaker 14 days to respond to the allegation of unauthorized release of trade secrets. And another huge surprise is,  the Cupertino giant wants the leaker to reveal the sources of the leaked prototypes.

It's not clear yet if the company will escalate the issue to a court case or not. 

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