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Canon drew flak for choosing all-male ambassadors, issues statement with no apology

Canon earlier issued a statement for unveiling a list of brand ambassadors in the Philippines that only featured men.
Canon drew flak for choosing all-male ambassadors, issues statement with no apology
The roster for the Canon Crusader of Light Brand Ambassador Program (Photo from Canon Philippines)

Canon PH listened to the netizen's feedback and concerns

Netizens were prompting calls for more diversity when one of the world’s most recognizable camera makers finally revealed its list of brand ambassadors. On July 14, Canon PH started rolling out a list of established photographers chosen to front their brand this 2021.

The camera manufacturer highlights the profiles of photographers working in the advertising, wedding, and fashion industries or as photojournalists, among other fields. 

The Canon Crusader of Light Brand Ambassador Program is composed of Jun Miranda, Wig Tysmans, Edwin Martinez, Jijo de Guzman, Ian Celis, Doc Marlon, Jay Tablante, Pat Dy, Wesley Villarica, Jilson Tiu, and Per-Andre Hoffman.

Since there's no female face in sight, the move elicited a lot of negative reactions from the netizens on social media. They began clamoring for Canon to do better since the lack of diversity and inclusivity is disheartening. One netizen pointed out that the brand must correct this mistake because "there are so many talented Filipina photographers out there".

Influencers, celebrities, and vloggers also weighed in on the fiasco as they joined the crowd of equally and understandably upset users rallying in the brand's comments section. Tricia Gosingtian posted on the comment section of the brand's Instagram, "Glad I quit Canon a long time ago." 

In addition to this, former Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach also gave two cents on this issue as she wrote:

No hate to the chosen ambassadors but wala ba talagang room for inclusivity? How were the ambassadors chosen? Based on what? Not hating on the ambassadors but the marketing team should fix this asap. Kasi di rin magandang tingnan para sa ambassadors nila. Im sure (and hope) not all of them agree with this kind of narrative..

To explain, Canon posted a statement for their marketing campaign. As a brand based in Japan, the company emphasized that they abide by their philosophy of "Kyosei", which is living and working together for the common good.
Canon's statement
Canon's statement

Furthermore, it noted that they support camera enthusiasts and content creators regardless of gender, culture, customs, language, or race.

However, there is no apology in their statement for the women and everyone they offended.

What do you think?

Sources: Canon

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