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Google Meet update brings fun filters and effects on Android and iOS

As a way of encouraging you to use it for personal calls, Google Meet for Android and iOS now has filters and masks you can play with!

Various effects, styles, and filters on Google Meet (Screenshot from Google on Twitter)

Add some cute animals to your personal calls on Meet

In the past years, the search giant has been gearing Meet for work and professional purposes. By introducing new filters, masks, and effects, it appears that Google is pushing it for personal calls.

When you’re in a Meet video call on Android or iOS, simply tap the 'sparkle' button at the bottom right corner of your video call. Your video will have a full-screen view and slides up an "Effects" selection. Just like on enterprise and education accounts, it offers two Blur options and different backgrounds.

Google is adding "Styles" like black and white effect, lens flare. The newly added features include animated backgrounds, including an undersea environment with bubbles and jellyfish swimming around.

The update also brings a lot of animal filters, such as a cat, elephant, dinosaur, others. Just swipe on the bottom of the carousel or select from new categories so you can quickly go to a section.

These new effects are already live, and they're available for use even if you start a meeting through Gmail instead of through the Meet app based on some tests.

There are some who noticed that many of these fun filters are the same as Google Duo's filters and effects. This sparks previous rumors that Google will totally replace its Duo app with Meet. 

However, there's no announcement yet from the search giant regarding that move so it's too early to tell.

Source: Google, Via: 9to5Google
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