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Pixel phones can stop charging at 80 percent when abused

Google has a new way of "optimizing" the battery health of Pixel 3 and later smartphones.
File photo of a Pixel phone in Taiwan

To extend battery lifespan

It is a temporary feature that automatically limits charging to about 80 percent under "abusive-like or heavy" usage.

According to Google, these conditions are:

  • Continuous charge under high battery drain conditions, like gameplay.
  • Continuous charge for 4 days or more.

When the phone no longer meets the conditions listed above, the feature will deactivate. The user will know that it is already deactivated when the phone starts to charge 100 percent.

If you still want to fully charge your phone even under the above-mentioned conditions, you can unplug your Pixel phone from the charger or remove it from the Pixel Stand or restart the Pixel phone or wait for about 10 minutes.

This move probably suggests that charging under high battery drain conditions and the prolonged continuous charge is bad for the health of your phone's battery.

Just note that this is different from the Adaptive Charging of google that uses your alarm's setting to fully charge your phone before waking up. Also, note that the said feature is only available for Pixel 4 phones and above.

Source: Google

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