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Huawei Sound X Smart Speaker and two smart screens with Harmony OS 2 announced!

Along with the much-awaited P50 lineup, Huawei revealed Huawei Sound X Smart Speaker and Smart Screen V75 Super, and Smart Screen V98 online.
Huawei Sound X Smart Speaker and two smart screens with Harmony OS 2 announced!
An upgraded version of  Huawei Sound X Smart Speaker

New and innovative devices from Huawei packed with Harmony OS 2

Last year,  Chinese tech giant Huawei launched a smart speaker dubbed as the Sound X to take on Amazon, Google, and Apple. The Huawei Sound X is designed in partnership with French audio specialists Devialet.
Summary of specs and features of the smart speaker
Summary of specs and features of the smart speaker

Now,  Huawei released an upgraded model with HarmonyOS 2 and a transparent shell. The speaker comes in an oval-shaped body with similarities with the Apple HomePod in terms of design. It has a colorful LED display on top, a glossy black-colored body, and a 360-degree wraparound grille.

Apparently,  RGB LED lights reflect well due to the transparent housing. Just like its predecessor, Huawei said that it boasts a heavy bass sound.

Moreover, the speaker still has the Devialet branding confirming the collaboration between Huawei and the french audio giant Devialet. Although it is not confirmed, the speaker is expected to boast a bass-boosted sound, just like the current Sound X speaker.

As mentioned earlier, the new Huawei Sound X smart speaker will be powered by HarmonyOS.
Huawei Smart Screen V75 Super
Huawei Smart Screen V75 Super

Huawei also launched its latest Smart Screen dubbed as V75 Super. It has extremely thin bezels around the display, giving it a modern look. The Huawei Smart TV V75 has Super Mini LED technology that features 46,080 SuperMini LEDs. 

This technology will enable it to offer more realistic images with accurate details along with the ability to fine-tune as well. 

Aside from that, it produces 3000 nits of brightness, with a wider color gamut and higher contrasts. Furthermore, it also consumes lesser power among other benefits.

Moreover, it has a retractable smart bar that houses microphones and cameras for gaming, virtual meetings, and others.
Huawei Smart Screen V98
Huawei Smart Screen V98

Meanwhile, the Huawei Smart Screen V98 model features a 98-inch size, supports a power supply of 600W, and also runs Harmony OS 2. 

Moreover, it is equipped with AI Max Cinema for ultra-high-definition films. This new generation of the smart screen also adopts a 120Hz high refresh rate.

According to the company, this latest from Huawei Video features ultra-high-definition, along with surround sound, high frame rate, phantom color “view” and multi-device collaboration.

Note that this is still a developing story. 

Source: Huawei
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