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LMFAO: Shopee notification disrupts Senate hearing!

The Philippine Senate Committee on Energy panel had a good laugh when a Shopee notification rang twice during a virtual forum.
LMFAO: Shopee notification disrupts Senate hearing today!
ERC Head Agnes Devanadera asking what's that sound popping in the background

Public officials made light of the interruption due to Shopee alerts

Many online shoppers are now waiting for great deals since today is July 7, meaning today is Shopee's Mid Year Sale. Well, it seems politicians are also on standby for this huge sale event. A Shopee notification briefly interrupted a virtual Senate hearing today, not once but twice!

In the video uploaded on YouTube, the Senate hearing about long-term solutions to power supply shortages lasted about five minutes. At 2:26:49, the first notification heard during the meeting is a brief Shopee alert. This sound possibly came from Butch Catadman. 

After a few minutes, the Shopee alert rang again at 2:37:44. This is while Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) Agnes Devanadera is talking. The executive laughed about it asking, "Ano yun?"  and then the Senate Committee on Energy Chairperson Win Gatchalian answered jokingly, "Meron yatang bibili sa Shopee". Devanedera instantly understood what's happening and said, "7.7 Mr. Chair". 

A lot of us had probably experienced the same scenario when we forgot to put our phones in silent mode during an online meeting. But it's not a big deal, as you can see online shopping is really a safer and convenient way to purchase our needs. 

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Can you guys relate to this experience?
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