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What you need to know about switching to another telco provider

Not happy with your current telco provider? Starting end-September, Filipinos may switch to other networks while keeping their cell numbers with the implementation of the Mobile Number Portability Act.
What you need to know about switching to another telco provider
PH telco players launch Telecommunications Connectivity Inc.

Cell number portability will be available beginning end-September

So what should you consider when tapping this service? The Telecommunications Connectivity Inc or TCI—the joint venture of major players Globe Telecom, PLDT's Smart Communications, and DITO Telecommunity—bared in a briefing the swift process of switching to another network under MNP.

Starting September 30, Filipinos can change their telco provider and shift to other networks through the MNP.

MNP helps promote consumer welfare by fostering the freedom to choose and to respond to quality, price and other relevant considerations without consumers having to change their mobile numbers whenever they change mobile service providers or subscription plans, TCI said in a statement.

TCI, which will facilitate the implementation of the portability service, said that the telcos will shoulder the porting fees so this will be free for subscribers.

If you are a postpaid subscriber, can you do the switch? TCI said yes. The law covers both prepaid and postpaid subscribers as long as they have an active SIM.

However, TCI stressed that subscribers must be free from financial liabilities and has no existing contract with the current telco provider.

How long is the process? TCI said transferring to another telco will take two days. Expect four hours of downtime before the porting service takes effect.

TCI said subscribers can do the switching as many as they want. However, a 60-day period is needed before a mobile user could ask for another transfer.

The detailed process on the MNP service has yet to be discussed by telcos, so stay tuned.

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