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Meet Chipolo CARD - More than just a tracker

In case you've never heard about this brand, Chipolo is a Bluetooth-based finder in a form of a card or circular tag.
Meet Chipolo CARD - Forget forgetting with a thin and water-resistant tracker
Meet the Chipolo CARD

If you're the type to misplace things like house or car keys, laptops, and other valuables, then having a Bluetooth-based finder could be beneficial for you. 

Chipolo has two types: the ONE and the CARD type. In this article, we'll be looking closer into the Chipolo CARD and how it can be useful for most people, if not all, to forget forgetting.

Read on!

Meet Chipolo CARD

What's inside?
What's inside?

The Chipolo CARD comes in a white, somehow thick box with the product's render in front. As soon as we slid the box, we were greeted with 2-step instructions on how to start using the Chipolo CARD.

Inside, we find the Chipolo CARD itself and paper manuals in six different languages.

Although it arrived in a "thick" box, the Chipolo CARD is thin BUT thicker than debit or credit cards since it houses a chip and a battery inside. However, it's smaller compared to the cards we have around.

The Chipolo CARD is made from lightweight plastic. It has a smooth feel in the matte white colorway. The branding is engraved in the upper front with a button at the bottom part. Double pressing this button prompts the Chipolo CARD to produce a sound.
There's nothing at the back
There's nothing at the back

This Bluetooth-based tracker is so thin that it fits my wallet without even noticing it. It's also too thin for me to misplace it more than I can misplace my wallet (hahaha). Although it would be impossible since I can just ring to find it which we'll be looking more into later on in this article.

Thinnest tracker we've seen!

But since I'm just at home, I moved the Chipolo CARD inside my laptop sleeve which I always misplace around the house. You see, I just don't misplace the little things. (insert grinning face with squinting eyes and sweat drop emoji)

It's perfect inside my laptop sleeve since it doesn't add up to the bulging effect the Magsafe charger is creating from the inside. 
Thinnest tracker we've seen
Thinnest tracker we've seen

Apart from having a Chipolo CARD, we also get its premium features just by downloading the Chipolo app. 

Chipolo features:

1. Sharing - Share the Chipolo with your loved ones and help each other find it.
2. Widget - You can ring your Chipolo from your phone's home screen.
3. Community Search - The entire Chipolo community can help you look for your lost item.
4. Change Ringtone - Choose from different ringtones to set how your Chipolo rings.
5. Voice Control - Chipolo works with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Siri.
6. Selfie - Use Chipolo as a wireless shutter for your phone’s camera.
The Chipolo CARD can be used as a remote control to take a selfie, too!
The Chipolo CARD can be used as a remote control to take a selfie, too!

As mentioned above, double-pressing the button prompts the Chipolo CARD to make a sound. However, when it's connected to a smartphone (whether iPhone or Android), double-pressing the button will ring the smartphone. Now, we can also use the Chipolo CARD in finding our phones. Cool, right? 
Perfect for wallets!
Perfect for wallets!

The box says that the Chipolo CARD is Google Assistant and Alexa compatible. But, iPhone users, rejoice! There's a "Siri Shortcuts" feature in-app where you can add a ring and stop ringing voice command shortcut to Siri. 

Another cool feature that I like is the "Out of Range" alert. As soon as I get close to out of range from my Macbook, I get a friendly notification from the app. This way, I don't leave my item behind.

Can also be used to find your phone!


Simply double-press to find your phone
Simply double-press to find your phone

Notably, Chipolo's Bluetooth range can extend up to 60m when there is a clear line of sight from the phone to the Chipolo. Note that you can't see the live location of the Chipolo if you're too far from it, but you can be able to see where you last had it through the app. This way, you can retrieve it. But as mentioned above, we get an "Out of Range" feature reminding the user to take their items. So it would be less possible for users to leave the items behind in the first place.

As for the battery, Chipolo CARD uses a custom-made battery unavailable in the market. According to the Chipolo website, "when the battery runs out, you can rebuy a new Chipolo tracker with a 50 percent discount and send your old one back to us for recycling through the Chipolo Renew & Recycle program."
It has an "out of range" alerts feature
It has an "out of range" alerts feature

Note that Chipolo CARD's battery is also irreplaceable so buying a new one is really inevitable. There's no way we can actually gauge how long the Chipolo CARD can last but according to their support team, it can last up to 12 months "depending on how much you use your Chipolo".

In terms of how loud it can be, Chipolo CARD is surprisingly loud. There's no way we can turn up or down its volume, but by default, it's loud, but not annoyingly loud. To recap, there's a change ringtone feature in-app. The choices are as follows: Chipolo (default), Deck the Halls, Jingle Bells, Merry Christmas, Pixel dance, and Dots & Dashes. 

Water-resistant tracker!

You might also be wondering why the three classic Christmas ringtones but maybe it's the sound we need to hear after all that's happening right now. (insert smiling face emoji)

The Chipolo CARD has an IPX5 rating making it water-resistant. In case you wonder if this works with RFID blocking wallets, the support page mentions: "RFID wallets are specially designed to block radio frequency signals. Therefore the Chipolo might not function properly or lose the connection sometimes while used in RFID blocking wallets."

Chipolo CARD Specs

Range: 60 m (200 ft - line of sight)
Battery: 1-year battery, non-replaceable
Compatibility - iOS 12 and later, Android 7 and later.
Voice control: Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa
Thickness: 0.08-inch
Size: 37 mm x 68 mm
Price: PHP 1,990

Quick thoughts

Forget forgetting!
Forget forgetting!

At first, I don't give much attention to Bluetooth-based trackers since I don't think they're very useful until I reviewed this Chipolo CARD. We think it would be safe for us to say that this can be life-changing for those who have the "losing stuff gene" (hahaha). If you're that type of person then it would be better to spend less than PHP 2K than to misplace a higher-priced device, a wallet, or even valuables like a passport. 

The Chipolo CARD works well as it's advertised. It's something worth buying for something not worth losing. 

Chipolo is available locally in Digital Walker stores and online in Lazada and Shopee. We believe there's more you can save if you'll get the bundle of two package for only PHP 3,490 available in Digital Walker LazMall and ShopeeMall.

What do you think guys?

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