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Instagram to require users to share their birthday

In an effort to create new safety features for young people, Instagram recently announced that it will be requiring users to confirm their birthdays.
Instagram to require users to share their birthday
Instagram will ask you to add your birthday 

To create safer, more private experiences for young people

The social media platform will start pressing its users to share their date of birth with the service if they haven't done it already. This new protocol is allegedly a part of a bigger goal to develop new safety features designed for younger users. 

Moreover, Instagram aims to add teen privacy protections introduced earlier in 2021. Also, the Facebook-owned app has a long-term plan to release a version under the age of 13.

Instagram users will see a pop-up notification that asks them to add their birthday under "personalize your experience".However, users can dismiss the prompt message by tapping "Not Now" a number of times before making it a required field. If they did not disclose their birthdate, they cannot proceed.

Aside from this, it will also now request the users to disclose their birthday information when they encounter a post with a warning screen. This feature is no longer new since Instagram has always hidden content that is deemed sensitive. However, it did not require the user's birthday before showing the hidden content.

Moreover, the social media platform has created an AI technology to assist in identifying the accounts where minors may have lied. In addition to this, there's a hint that the company has further plans related to this. 

Allegedly, it will later ask for users to verify their age. Technology will help in finding out if the age submitted does not match the real age based on other factors. Instagram noted that it is still in the early stages.

In March this year, Instagram introduced several features to make it harder for adults to contact teens via the app. After that, it rolled out some changes to the default settings for new users under the age of 16. Also, it restricts adults whose accounts are flagged as "potentially suspicious" from communicating to minors or commenting on their posts.

Instagram stated that the new birthday pop-up notifications will appear this week on the mobile app and will continue to roll out over the weeks ahead to reach more users.

Source: Instagram

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