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Lark introduces new feature "Bitable", lets users convert messages into tasks

Messages can easily pile up on group chats and can be overlooked, but Lark has found a solution to help remote workers manage their day-to-day tasks.
Lark introduces new feature "Bitable", lets users convert messages into tasks
Meet Bitable on Lark

Manage tasks, convert messages to "to-dos"

To recap, Lark is a cloud-based collaboration platform where it helps customers in the Asia Pacific to improve internal work processes while maintaining staff morale high and productivity efficiency for both bigger and small companies.

In order to help its users manage tasks seamlessly, Lark introduces the new "Bitable" feature. It is an innovative database that looks like a table, which completely integrates with Lark. To easily manage projects and track progress, all project details, schedules, and collaborators may be inputted on Bitable.

It has mobile-friendly features, so users can use it anywhere, and on any device.

Bitable has an independent entry point from Lark Docs. This enables users to insert a template for project management, task management, and even event planning into a document at a click.
Four different Bitable views
Four different Bitable views

Four Bitable views:

1. Grid view - looks like a task list where users can add, delete, and manage things to do.
2. Kanban view - this is great for tracking progress, groups to-do items based on conditions like task priority.
3. Gantt view - ideal when users want to see project timelines at a glance.
4. Gallery view - shows tasks as a gallery of images, and works well when you need to display attachments such as images and PDF files. 

Lark is available for download on Mac, PC, iOS, and Android. It is free to use with the following benefits:

- Unlimited video call minutes
- Unlimited searchable messages
- 200GB cloud storage
- 500GB email storage
- Unlimited third-party app integration
- Multiple team admins
- Customizable workflows

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