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Huawei might launch the Mate 50 in Q4, rumored to re-launch 5G smartphones in the near future

A new report from China is claiming that tech giant Huawei still plans to launch the Mate 50 Pro in the fourth quarter with an expected release time in October.
Fan render of Mate 50

New Huawei rumors

David Naranjo, a senior expert from DSCC screen supply chain analysis agency shared a document containing the said info.

To recap, Huawei scheduled a product launch event on October 21, 2021, in Vienna. Originally, it is believed to be the global launch of the P50 series or even the nova 9 series.

But, if this info is correct, we won't be surprised if we'll see the Mate 50 smartphones.

Other details about the rumored device are still vague.

There are speculations that it might come with a similar camera design coming from the P50 phones.
The alleged list of devices that includes the Mate 50 Pro
The alleged list of devices that includes the Mate 50 Pro

On the other news, there are rumors that Huawei is also aiming to re-launch smartphones with 5G technology in the near future.

To recap, despite being one of the pioneers and movers of 5G, Huawei failed to launch the P50 series with the said technology due to ongoing US restrictions.

To do this, Huawei may need to find other sources not under the restrictions of the US government and that is not an easy task for now. Currently, Huawei is only allowed to use 4G chips.

But, if we were to believe this rumor, it should make future Huawei devices more attractive than the P50 with the old 4G tech. However, this is a rumor, not a fact. So, take it with a pinch of salt.

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