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Lenovo ThinkSmart Core with 11th Gen Intel Core vPro processor now available internationally

Earlier this year, the Lenovo ThinkSmart Core was unveiled to the world. Now, the 11th Gen Intel vPro powered machine is available globally!
Lenovo ThinkSmart Core with 11th Gen Intel Core vPro processor now available internationally
Lenovo ThinkSmart Core can now be purchased in select global markets

Lenovo ThinkSmart Core is now available for purchase internationally

Lenovo ThinkSmart Core compute unit
Lenovo ThinkSmart Core compute unit

The ThinkSmart Core is Lenovo's first modular room kit for hybrid work aiming to provide flexibility and scalability. It is powered by the 11th Gen Intel vPro platform designed to deliver high performance and comprehensive hardware-based security features. It is also Microsoft Teams Rooms certified.

There are ThinkSmart Core is available in two different room configurations available. First is the ThinkSmart Core + Controller kit which is designed for workspaces that are already equipped with Mircosoft Teams-certified audio and visual devices.

There's the ThinkSmart Core Full Room Kit with the ThinkSmart Core compute device and Controller. It also comes with the ThinkSmart Cam and ThinkSmart Bar for high-quality video and audio for a better collaboration experience.

The ThinkSmart Core compute device features an 11th Gen Intel Core vPro processor and a 256Gb SSD. It can be discreetly integrated into your office with built-in cable management and VESA mount compatibility.
ThinkSmart Core Controller
ThinkSmart Core Controller

The ThinkSmart Controller has a 10.1-inch point-to-point touchscreen. It is powered via USB-C through a 10-meter cable. It can detect whenever participants enter the room via built-in infrared sensors. It also comes with an integrated stand for 30-degree and 60-degree orientations and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

ThinkSmart Core Kit comes with a year of Lenovo’s value-added software and services, including a license for ThinkSmart Manager Premium, Lenovo’s collaboration management software suite, and ThinkSmart Professional Services: Deploy and Maintain.

The Lenovo ThinkSmart Core Kits are available in select markets globally. You can check it out at the Lenovo ThinkSmart webpage here. Pricing and availability vary in different regions. No confirmation about availability and pricing for the Philippines yet.

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