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realme 8 series users in the Philippines can now extend their RAM up to 5GB!

Aiming to provide a better experience to its users, realme Philippines last night announced that an important update for its 8 series.
File photo: realme 8 5G

Extended RAM tech now available on realme 8 series

According to the company, the new realme 8 phones now have a new RAM expansion tech allowing its users to virtually increase RAM size by 2GB, 3GB, and 5GB, respectively.

realme made this possible by allocating your extra storage space as virtual RAM.

realme's explanation reads,

When enough storage space is available, you can use a part of it to expand your RAM.

realme Philippines notes that this update is applicable for realme 8, realme 8 5G, and realme 8 Pro users.

The software update may also arrive by batch. realme 8 Pro might be the last to get it. But, the company said that it is coming soon.

After updating your software, just go to the Settings > About Phone > and RAM.
After the update, you can now extend the RAM of your realme 8 phone virtually
After the update, you can now extend the RAM of your realme 8 phone virtually

Virtual memory tech is not new and it is common on PCs. But for smartphones, it is a little bit hard to do before. Fortunately, mobile makers like realme are starting to implement it with their phones.

While extended RAM or virtual RAM might not be as fast as the default RAM of your smartphone, it may help in keeping your device run responsively despite having several apps in the background.

What do you guys think? Have you tried realme's virtual RAM solution?

Let us know in the comments.

Source: realme

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