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A FREE update, Windows 11 to arrive on October 5!

Microsoft earlier shared that the company will be releasing the new Windows 11 OS on October 5 as a FREE update for eligible PCs.
Dark mode and center taskbar
Dark mode and center taskbar

Windows 11 to arrive on October 5

According to Microsoft, new eligible devices will get the update first. Then, it will gradually roll out over time to in-market devices based on intelligence models considering hardware eligibility, reliability metrics, age of the device, and other factors that might impact the upgrade experience.

Microsoft expects all eligible devices to get the update by mid-2022.

The company also shared an introductory video showing what to expect with Windows 11. 

Watch below:

To recap, Windows 11 is the company's newest operating system featuring a simplified user interface, improvements in multitasking as well as performance, and many more like support for Android apps for the first time.

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