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Xiaomi 11T series to get 3 Android OS upgrades and 4 years of Security Patches

Ahead of the Mi 11T launch, Chinese tech giant Xiaomi promised that it'll have 3 major Android OS upgrades as well as 4 years of security patches.
Xiaomi 11T series to get 3 Android OS upgrades and 4 years of Security Patches
Xiaomi 3+4 Android upgrade roadmap announced

3 Major Android Updates for the Xiaomi Mi 11T?

File photo: Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro

This is great news for the new Mi 11T series. This means that the new devices will enjoy more secure data privacy and protection for 4 years after purchase. This may also mean a big change regarding Xiaomi's commitment towards the needs of their users beyond the Mi 11T series. Xiaomi is expected to explore extended Android systems and security upgrades services to more devices down the road.

Xiaomi admits that this will not be an easy task to undertake but the prospect of this challenge and meeting the desires of its users is an exciting vision for the company. The company believes that with this move, it is hitting two birds with one stone. First, it is assuring Xiaomi fans of top-of-the-line products with long-term support. This will also help in Xiaomi's efforts to promote sustainability and show environmental responsibility by lessening electronic waste.

If you remember, Germany demanded manufacturers to provide 7 years of continuous support on both Android and iOS devices. Xiaomi seems to be stepping in the right direction. Hopefully, other manufacturers do too.

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