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Google: Pixel 6 phones will go official on October 19!

On Twitter, search giant Google revealed that it will unleash its new flagship smartphone on October 19 at 10 AM PT (1 AM PHT).
Google: Pixel 6 phones will go official on October 19!
Pixel 6 soon!

Pixel 6 series launch date!

The devices will be called Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.

To recap, Google earlier teased that the devices will be powered by its very first processor called the Tensor chip. The company noted that this SoC is custom-made for Pixel 6 phones that can process Google's most powerful AI and has an advanced Machine Learning system that could give its users a "transformed experience" for the camera, speech recognition, and many more.
Google teases Pixel 6 phones with its own Google Tensor chip
The official design of the Pixel 6 phones

In terms of design, the devices will be using unique-looking two-tone colors with a large rectangular camera hump near the top of its back.

Google also highlights that it'll come with an improved user experience with the use of the new "Material You" design. According to the American firm, this tech is a deep collaboration between its software, hardware, and Material Design to make Android 12 more "expressive, dynamic, and personal" than ever.

The new Pixel phones will also have the "
most layers of hardware security" on any phone.

The rest of the specs are still unconfirmed. All we need to do is wait for a little. You may click here for its possible specs.

We will keep you guys posted.

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