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Instagram Stories Link sticker now available to everyone

Instagram has started rolling out the story link feature to every user in the world on October 27!
Instagram Stories Link sticker now available to everyone
Instagram Link sticker now for everyone!

Regardless of the account size!

The Instagram Story Link sticker feature was initially made available to verified accounts and those with a certain number of followers. Now, the feature is available to any user regardless of the number of followers.

We've heard from the rest of our community that they also want to share things that matter with their friends and family. Whatever you’re into, from cooking to volunteering or shopping, you now have a space to share in Stories—regardless of your account size, says Instagram in a statement.

How to Add Links to your Stories:

  1. Capture or upload content to your story.
  2. Select the sticker tool from the top navigation bar.
  3. Tap the "Link" sticker to add your desired link and tap "Done".
  4. Place the sticker on your story—like our other stickers—and tap on the sticker to see color variations.

The link sticker serves as the "swipe up" to all the users on Instagram. When people tap on the sticker, they'll be redirected. 
Photo from Instagram's @Creators
Photo from Instagram's @Creators

We're also working on ways to customize the sticker so it's clear what someone will see when they tap your link, Instagram added.

Instagram users that don't have access to Link sticker

New accounts
Accounts that repeatedly share things like hate speech and misinformation
Accounts that violate Instagram's Community Guidelines

Have you tried it yet? Share the good news away!

Source: Instagram

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