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LG uses Quantum Dot Nano Cell technology with their latest QNED MiniLED TV

LG introduces their latest innovation—QNED MiniLED TV with Quantum Dot NanoCell Technology for an all-new viewing experience.
LG uses Quantum Dot Nano Cell technology with their latest QNED MiniLED TV
LG's latest TV

A new era for LCD TVs?

The size of TVs nowadays is getting bigger, and so the details need to get smaller. Nearly 2500 unique dimming zones provide fine lighting adjustment and an ultra-high contrast ratio, while approximately 30,000 MiniLEDs provide a brighter and clearer contrast ratio. Even in the darkest scenes, this makes blacks deeper and colors more vibrant, resulting in a more detailed image.

In comparison to traditional LCD TVs, the result is a higher level of detail and more accurate color reproduction. The QNED MiniLED TVs from the South Korean tech company are certified by Intertek, an international product testing organization to provide 100 percent color volume and consistency across a wide viewing angle, allowing the viewers to enjoy great LCD picture quality.

Quantum Dot NanoCell Technology brings a more dazzling picture with combined strength from both NanoCell Plus and Quantum Dot. Color reproduction is improved with this unique combination of tech, resulting in richer and more accurate colors. The upgraded display technology of the LG QNED MiniLED enhances whites and darkens blacks for an ultra-high-quality image.

Since this is the brand's best LCD TV yet, it will also come with the highest resolution possible, the Quantum Dot NanoCell Technology will be combined for a realistic 8K resolution with a 95.8 percent CM level.

The QNED MiniLED from LG is designed to be fit in any home interior. It has minimal bezels, slim and sleek body for optimized wall mounting that makes it look like a work of art hanging on your wall.

LG QNED MiniLED TV represents an evolutionary leap forward, leveraging LG's unique color reproduction technology and mini-LED backlighting to achieve the pinnacle of LCD picture quality. Our newest lineup is a testament to LG's technological leadership in the premium TV market made possible by continuously improving and refining our innovative OLED and QNED MiniLED TVs, said Sungjae Kim, LG Philippines' Managing Director.

The innovative television is also equipped with Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos for immersive multi-direction surround sound. It also has a FILMMAKER MODE for a cinematic experience and a Game Optimizer feature for gaming needs.

There is no info about its local price and availability details yet. You may visit the company's official website and social media channels for more information about their upcoming releases and promotions.

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