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OPPO announces partnership with Ericsson to upgrade its Communication Lab

OPPO announces its collaboration with Ericsson to upgrade its Communication Lab—the secret behind the phone maker's 5G technologies.
OPPO announces partnership with Ericsson to upgrade its Communication Lab
Autonomous Testing Robot at OPPO Communication Lab

OPPO partners with Ericsson

Ericsson is known for being the leader in providing Information and Communications Technology (ICT) across the globe. 

The Chinese phone manufacturer says they can now completely realize the whole 5G research and development process, from the basic RF front-end to software protocol updates and regional tuning and testing, thanks to the newly renovated Communication Lab.

Their smartphones will be among the first to integrate many of the latest 5G technologies thanks to the advanced communication lab, making the company a perfect partner for top global technology suppliers and operators as they extend their 5G services.

At the same time, the lab enables the phone maker to play a larger role in the advancement of global communication technology.
Testing the smartphone in the lab
Testing the smartphone in the lab

The newly upgraded facility is composed of three major modules: Radio Frequency Lab, Protocol Lab, and Network Simulation Lab.

The Network Simulation Lab is the one that most nearly resembles real-world urban communication networks. It can simulate several operators' 4G and 5G networks and provide communication services to up to 10,000 devices. As a result, pre-testing criteria for 5G commercialization can be tested in the lab in any part of the world.

In the case of Radio Frequency Lab, smartphones are now used for a wide range of tasks in a wide range of scenarios, including joining video meetings while riding a high-speed train, watching live streams in crowded shopping malls, and taking photos and uploading them to social media from anywhere in the world. Extensive lab experiments are undertaken behind each of these situations to guarantee that devices can maintain stable connections in these varying conditions.

The Protocol Lab, on the other hand, assists technicians in performing research on power consumption, regression testing, and joint new feature testing, aiding in the development of new products through various methods. For example, the lab is now working on the first generation of the 5G standard, Release 16, which is more environmentally friendly due to better communication efficiency between devices and networks, which reduces smartphone and base station power consumption.

The upgraded OPPO Communication Lab is a new milestone in OPPO’s endeavor in 5G, and represents a new level of close cooperation with leading global technology companies. With the rapid evolution of global 5G technology, we are pleased to join hands with Ericsson and Keysight to leverage our experience in 5G standards, products and applications to enhance the 5G ecosystem worldwide, said Chris Shu, VP and General Manager of Product Strategy Planning and Cooperation Center, OPPO.

OPPO notes that the company continue to invest in cutting-edge technological research and development, collaborate with industry leaders like Ericsson to accelerate 5G development, and unlock the potential of 5G as it leads the industry into the era of the Internet of Experience.

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