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PLDT and Smart holds CyberSmart Online Caravan during Cybersecurity Awareness Month

PLDT and Smart capped off the Cybersecurity Awareness Month with back-to-back CyberSmart online caravans for the LGUs, DepEd, and the public.
PLDT and Smart held CyberSmart Online Caravan to help protect Filipinos

PLDT, Smart CyberSmart Online Caravan concluded

These back-to-back CyberSmart boot camps aim to equip the public with knowledge and skills on data protection. PLDT and Smart shared tips on how to spot phishing schemes. This is the digital version of "budol budol" which is the most common way cybercriminals use to steal your information.

First off, you should always check file attachments first. Do not open file attachments coming from unknown sources because they may contain viruses or malware. Adding to this, if an email comes from unknown sources, you should always treat it with utmost care.

Another tip shared is that if the offer is too good to be true then you should be wary. Hackers often use these enticing offers to get your information. These come in the form of huge discounts, expensive devices, or winning a raffle's grand prize. "Limited time" promos are also used to make you panic and act with a sense of urgency which makes you more vulnerable.

You can hover your mouse over hyperlinks to see the web destination. If it does not look that it came from official websites then you should steer away from it. You should also be aware that all secure websites should always have "https://". This means that the website you are visiting is encrypted and activities on the website will be inaccessible to fraudsters.

Other basic things to look out for are poor grammar and misspelled words in websites, low-resolution images, and websites that ask for too much information like your credit card information, bank details, and website logins.

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