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Alleged Lenovo Legion Play leaked, Android-based gaming handheld like Switch and Steamdeck

Alleged Lenovo Legion Play images surfaced online, an Android-based gaming handheld just like Nintendo Switch and Valve's Steamdeck.
Alleged Lenovo Legion Play leaked, Android-based gaming handheld like Switch and Steamdeck
Alleged image of the portable gaming device

A new portable gaming contender but Android?

There have been notable handheld gaming devices that were released this year such as the Nintendo Switch OLED, Steam Deck, and GPD XP. Now it appears Lenovo is also preparing its own device this year.

A post in the forum of GBA Temp spotted images showing a Lenovo gaming handheld recently. Those images appear to be linked to the brand's own website and suggested the Lenovo Legion Play name.

Liliputing followed this information and found that the images had been uploaded to Lenovo Germany and Japan MWC 2021 webpages, suggesting that the company was planning to launch the device earlier this year, but plans have changed.

The phone maker never actually introduced the gaming handheld, and you cant also find it on its MWC website but if you search the source code for the page, you'll get the links to 4 pictures.
Front image
Front image

Above is a render showing the portable gaming machine, design-wise it looks like a Switch-inspired device with built-in controllers attached on each side. Upfront you'll see the XYAB Xbox layout buttons, a d-pad, and 2 thumbsticks while flipping it down it gives an ergonomic design that looks comfortable to hold with your hands and you'll also find the two trigger buttons. Another thing you can notice here will be the lack of cameras and looking at the bottom part, you will find the USB-C and 3.5mm ports.
Bottom image
Bottom image

According to Liliputing and Android Authority, the website of Lenovo contains a product description as well as the specifications of the said handheld.

Designed for AAA gaming, the Lenovo Legion Play is the first Android cloud gaming console. The console lets users play hundreds of cloud games, stream their game library, or play mobile games. It features a 7-inch 16:9 FHD bezel-less display, HDR 10, built-in controllers, dual speakers, dual vibration, and a 7,000mAh battery to provide the best gaming experience. Our developer program is open to all game developers. Coming soon in select markets, the description reads.

As for the chipset or other details, there's no information about it yet. It's also unclear if Lenovo will position the device as a pure gaming handheld or even as a phone, although judging from the photos, it shows a cellular signal strength icon, Bluetooth, and WiFi icons.
Back image
Back image

For its OS, based on the images and product description, it will run on Android with a custom launcher. You can also see the Geforce Now, Play Store, and a bunch of different Google apps. 

What do you guys think?

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