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XTREME launches new "Cool" washing machines, starts at PHP 8,495

Home-grown appliance maker XTREME launches new washing machines under the XTREME Cool category.
XTREME launches new "Cool" washing machines, starts at PHP 8,495
XTREME's new washing machines

XTREME releases new washing machines

The brand wants to reach out to more Filipino homes, particularly those who want to improve their lifestyle but are on a tight budget.

The new products are divided into two types—XTREME Cool Twin Tub and the XTREME Cool Top Load Fully Automatic washing machines. 

The Twin Tubs feature a 2-in-1 water inlet that lets you wash and dry your clothes easily. Another thing you might want from this product is the Air Flow Spinner which is also one of its highlights and gives an improved drying effect. The Twin Tub also has a reinforced Outlet-Tub-Filter to answer the issue of soap and lint residue. This will make sure to reduce the amount of residue left behind your laundry and in fact, it prevents from clinging to the clothes during the washing process. It will be available in 6 kg capacity (XWMTT-0006), 8 kg capacity (XWMTT-0008) and 10 kg (XWMTT-0010).

Moving to the Top Load Fully Automatic type, this one is made for users who want to save their time when doing laundry work. The Fast Clean System will give you up to 40 percent time saved by strengthening the washing beat while keeping the same performance.

The top load type comes with an I-Clean capability which lets the machine run automatically every after the last rinsing process. It also features Magic Filter—a mesh bag that assists in removing impurities and prevent possible secondary pollution done by the backflow of dirt. Meanwhile, you don't have to reset the washing cycle with the Power Off Memory feature just in case there is a sudden power loss.

It will be available in two capacities, the 7 kg (XWMTL-0007W) and the 8 kg (XWMTL-008W).

Price and availability

XTREME Cool Twin Tub 6 kg (XWMTT-0006) - PHP 8,495
XTREME Cool Twin Tub 8 kg (XWMTT-0008) - PHP 10,495
XTREME Cool Twin Tub 10 kg (XWMTT-0010) - PHP 11495
XTREME Cool Top Load Fully Automatic 7 kg (XWMTL-0007W) - PHP 13,495
XTREME Cool Top Load Fully Automatic 8 kg (XWMTL-0008W) - PHP 15,495

You may visit XTREME on Website, Lazada, and Shopee e-commerce for a complete list of products and exclusive discounts.

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