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Beats collaborated with Fujiwara and SSENSE to release Flex Earbuds Special Edition!

Beats announced special edition Flex Earbuds in partnership with Japanese musician Hiroshi Fujiwara and fashion retailer SSENSE.
Beats collaborated with Fujiwara and SSENSE to release Flex Earbuds Special Edition!
Beats Flex Earbuds Special Edition

Minimalist and tonal black earbuds with the fragment design logo

Apple Beats just unveiled its latest limited edition headset in a black-on-black Beats Flex model created in partnership with Fragment Design. The earbuds come with a minimalist, tonal black design adorned by Fujiwara's fragment design logo which is a twin-lighting icon on the earbuds. 

Allegedly, this is the first time ever that Beats and the said designer did a collaboration. According to the company, this is because  Beats Flex is Fujiwara's favorite item in their product portfolio. 

The original version of this audio accessory had caught the attention of the Japanese designer because he liked the lightweight neckband.

To recall, the Beats Flex is a pair with a Flex-Form cable. These are magnetic earbuds that play music when in your ear and automatically pause when it just dangling on your neck. The magnetic earbuds also keep them from tangling.

Each of the buds has a dual-chamber acoustic design and a proprietary-layered driver for stereo separation and rich bass. It has laser-cut micro-venting to provide ear pressure relief. It also has a battery touted to last up to 12 hours of listening on a single charge. 

Fujiwara said that the new black-on-black design of the Beats Flex earbuds special edition is extremely sophisticated and refined. He also claimed that it will have an instant appeal in the market.

US price with direct to PHP conversion (no taxes and duties yet):

Beats special edition Flex Earbuds - USD 69.99 (or around PHP 3.5K)

The Beats special edition Flex Earbuds is now available in Apple and SSENSE exclusively. There's no information yet if this going to be sold locally soon.

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