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Caviar released an iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max that sport a T-Rex tooth fragment on the rear!

Caviar just unveiled ultra-high-end customized versions of iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max, one even has a dinosaur tooth fragment.
Caviar released an iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max that sport a T-Rex tooth fragment on the rear!
Caviar Tyrannophone

Back panels made of titanium, diamonds, and real dinosaur tooth fragments

Caviar is a luxury goods maker from Russia that makes extremely high-end variants of famous electronic devices such as smartphones, consoles, and more. Just a few days ago, has introduced customized Apple iPad Mini 6 with a solid 18K gold case.

This time, the company launched an iPhone 13 Pro model that even features a real Dinosaur tooth! Caviar has introduced the Apple iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max in a new collection called Tera. The Tera Collection consists of  Tyrannophone, Monsterphone, and Teradiamond models.
Caviar Monsterphone
Caviar Monsterphone

The "cheapest" among this new Caviar collection is the Monsterphone that sports a hardened titanium panel. Meanwhile, the Tyrannophone model comes with a tooth fragment from an actual T-Rex which is estimated to be 80 million years old. 

The Tyrannophone boasts of gold-plated jewelry alloy on top of a lightweight composite foundation. For the red-eye on the back, it is made of real amber while the head is made from titanium and a tiny piece of real tooth embedded as well.
Caviar Teradiamond
Caviar Teradiamond

The Teradiamond is equipped with more than 1,000 diamonds on the back so it's the most expensive and luxurious among the trio. All Tera models have 1 terabyte of storage. Caviar said that it plans on selling just 7 units in total to ensure its exclusivity.

US price with direct to PHP conversion (no taxes and duties yet):

Caviar Monsterphone (iPhone 13 Pro) - USD 7,760 (or around PHP 389K)
Caviar Monsterphone (iPhone 13 Pro Max) - USD 8,300 (or around PHP 416K)
Caviar Tyrannophone (iPhone 13 Pro) - USD 8,610 (or around PHP 431K)
Caviar Tyrannophone (iPhone 13 Pro Max) - USD 9,150 (or around PHP 458K)
Caviar Teradiamond (iPhone 13 Pro) - USD 49,240 (around PHP 2.4M)
Caviar Teradiamond (iPhone 13 Pro Max) - USD 59,700 (around PHP 2.9M)

Source: Caviar

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