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Cherry Home releases "Anti-Bacterial UV Humidifier" for just PHP 2,490!

CHERRY's Cherry Home brand has recently released an affordable "Anti-Bacterial UV Humidifier".
Cherry Home releases "Anti-Bacterial UV Humidifier" for just PHP 2,490!
The newest CHERRY device in town

Anti-Bacterial UV Humidifier for less

It's a device designed to produce finer water mist to relieve congestion and other symptoms of colds and to soothe irritation and flare-ups caused by skin dehydration.

To make this possible, the Cherry Anti-Bacterial UV Humidifier features a 4L capacity with high-frequency vibrations.

In addition, the device comes with UVC Sterilization technology. According to CHERRY, this can ensure that your whole family will only breathe in cleaner and healthier air.

You can also use the humidifier's Aroma Diffuser with your favorite essential oils that give the scent of hotel lobbies.

The device also has a silent operation so it won't disturb its users when sleeping at night.

CHERRY also claims that this humidifier can improve the quality of your sleep.

Price and availability

Cherry Anti-Bacterial UV Humidifier - PHP 2,490

You can purchase the device at CHERRY stores and www.cherryshop.com.ph.

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