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Intel releases the Alder Lake 12th Gen Intel Core i9-12900K and more!

After being in pre-order for a while, the 12th Gen Intel Core processors are now starting to ship around the world. Included is the Core i9-12900K!
12th Intel Core i9-12900K gaming processor now available!

Intel Core i9-12900K touted as the company's most powerful gaming processor yet!

It can go up to 5.2GHz under load!
It can go up to 5.2GHz under load!

As the highlight of the whole line of 12th Gen Intel Core processors, the Intel Core i9-12900K is this generation's most powerful gaming processor. It has a max boost clock speed of 5.2GHz with 16 cores and 24 threads. Of course, it is an Alder Lake processor built on a 10nm fabrication process. It also sports the new Hybrid Architecture with a combination of Performance and Efficient Core.

It also features Intel Thread Director that enables the two new core microarchitectures to work seamlessly together by guiding the operating system to place the right thread on the right core at the right time.

The Intel Core i9-12900K promises up to 28 percent more FPS on different games compared to the previous generation. It also has Intel Killer WiFi 6E for up to 75 percent less latency while gaming. It also offers up to 36 percent faster performance in photo editing, up to 32 percent faster performance in video editing, and up to 37 percent faster 3D modeling performance. It also promises 100 percent faster multi-frame rendering.

It also supports a better OC experience with compatibility with the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility 7.5 and support for DDR5 with Intel Extreme Memory Profile XMP 3.0.'

Price and availability

Intel Core i5-12600KF - USD 264 (around PHP 13K)
Intel Core i9-12900K - USD 589 (around PHP 29K)

There will be up to 60 processors in the 12th Gen Intel Core lineup with the opening roster including the Core i9-12900K/12900KF, Core i7-12700K/12700KF, and Core i5-12600K/12600KF. These unlocked processors are said to be ranging from USD 264 to USD 589.

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