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The Philippines is top 2 in the world obsessed with TikTok K-pop content

TikTok released its key insights and trends around K-pop on the platform.
The Philippines is top 2 in the world obsessed with TikTok K-pop content
File photo: TikTok logo

K-pop-related content tripling over the last three years!

The study revealed an exponential growth in K-pop content on TikTok over the last three years, with the number of such videos tripling from 33.5 million in 2019 to over 97 million in September 2021. 

92.8 percent of these videos were made outside Korea, with Indonesia emerging as the top creator (16.4 percent). This was closely followed by the Philippines (13.5 percent) and the United States (8.7 percent).  

The insights and trends were developed in collaboration with Kpop Radar, a K-Pop fandom data service operated by music start-up Space Oddity, the study outlined the platform's long-lasting impact on the consumption of K-pop and fandom culture captured. 

TikTok has changed how people consume and experience K-pop, with fans, from Korea, Singapore, and across the globe, now having the space and tools to re-create and re-imagine their favorite content, said Jay Bae, Head of Global Business Development at TikTok Korea. 

As K-pop is so well-loved by the global TikTok community, we will continue to drive initiatives to support both the artists and the fans, Bae added.

TikTok was also highlighted as a platform that introduced K-pop lovers to new tunes and emerging Korean artists.

More insights into TikTok and its continued impact on the K-pop industry can be found on the 2021 K-pop Radar TikTok's official website
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