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Shure releases "Aonic Free" as its first TWS earbuds

Shure is a popular maker of top-notch in-ear wired monitors and microphones and now with the "Aonic Free" marks its first entry for the TWS earbuds.
Shure releases "Aonic Free" as its first TWS earbuds
Model wearing the audio gear

First true wireless earbuds from Shure!

The new TWS earbuds is using a metallic bean-shaped body in a single color of Graphite Grey and at the center, you'll see the logo of the brand.
Design of the earbuds
Design of the earbuds

Shure says that this audio gear is made solely for sound quality. They claimed it will give "clear,studio-quality sound and deep bass". 

It is comprised of a premium driver plus an amp combo and will support Bluetooth 5.0 with APTX, AAC, and SBC codecs.

Despite not being equipped with ANC, the good thing is that the Aonic Free is also designed to be ergonomically angled so that it will block out 37 decibels of external noise. This means it can still work like that of an earbud with ANC technology. While the positioning of the microphone is also optimized to give clear stereo calls.

There's an environment mode in case the user wants to hear the outside with just a touch of a button. The company also included the ShurePlus Play app for the customization of EQ and button controls. It is downloadable on the Apple App Store and Google PlayStore.
Earbuds and the accessories
Earbuds and the accessories

Another impressive feature is the battery life which according to the brand is rated to have 7 hours per charge plus with its case capable of two charges for a total of up to 21 hours of use. It will also be provided with a USB-C cable and an option of ear tips from small to large sizes.

Based on the website, even though it didn't have an IPX rating, the audio device has also passed rigorous quality and durability testing making it sure to withstand sweats plus other elements.

Lastly, the brand has also included a two-year warranty for their product.

US price with direct to PHP conversion (no taxes and duties yet):

Shure Aonic Free TWS - USD 199 (around PHP 10K)

The said device will be available this month on their website although there's no word yet for its availability here in the Philippines 

Source: Shure

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