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S&R members' info likely "compromised" in cyber attack

A cyber attack has hit S&R Membership Shopping, where "limited membership data" may have been compromised.
S&R members' info likely "compromised" in cyber attack
S&R facade

S&R falls victim to a cyber attack

In an issued statement Wednesday, the company said it became the target of a cyber attack.

S&R said that while its team "immediately and decisively" implemented its cybersecurity protocols to allow the group to resume its system operations, some contact details of its customers may have been compromised.

But S&R assured its customers that all of their credit card and other financial information are "safe and secured". These data, it noted, are "protected by encryption measures as required by regulation".

The attack has been reported to the National Privacy Commission, S&R said.

Although there have been numerous reports of cyber attacks in the Philippines, we strongly condemn these criminal acts [perpetrated] against private companies and we are treating this matter very seriously, the company said.

S&R said the cyberattack did not have an impact on its business.

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